ELISA Project team of ENTEGA AG

The ENTEGA AG is a municipal corporation based in Darmstadt that provides energy and infrastructural services to the city of science Darmstadt, the state capital Mainz as well as the southern region of the state of Hessen (>2.000 km²). The corporation has around 2.000 employees, making it one of the eight big municipal energy service companies in Germany. The subsidiary ENTEGA Energie provides around 2,67 terawatt hours of green electricity per year as well as 2,18 terawatt hours climate-neutral natural gas. The ENTEGA AG is one of the biggest suppliers of climate-neutral energy and a groundbreaker for a non-nuclear and carbon-neutral power supply. Its sustainability strategy follows the strategic triad that is: to avoid, to reduce and to compensate CO2. In this context, a special emphasis is put on renewable energy, a field where ENTEGA has invested about one billion euros to this day.

Its subsidiaries included, the ENTEGA AG is active in the business sectors of energy production, trade, distribution, and grids, as well as industrial management regulated by public law and shared services. The corporation follows a consistent sustainability strategy  that received the prestigious German Sustainability Award in 2013. ENTEGA does not only sell green electricity but also invests in reorganizing the energy supply. One of the corporation's strategic goals is to cover its private customers' demand for green power by self-generated electricity that it produces in its own facilities with its partners. The largest individual investment in this context is ENTEGA's participation in the offshore wind farm Global Tech I in the North Sea.

Based on its corporate philosophy, ENTEGA is actively committed to the energy supply of the future through many projects. The ENTEGA AG has been gaining experience in different research orjects for almost ten years. Among others, it supports research and development of intelligent energy distribution tasks.

The ENTEGA AG has a lot of experience in research projects for the energy supply of the future, especially distribution networks. In the area of electromobility, ENTEGA has gained extensive experience in the past that can now be used in the ELISA project. Within the ELISA project, ENTEGA will play a part in energy-related and regulatory questions and will create evidence papers. In the context of establishing a model accounting system, the ENTEGA subsidiary COUNT & CARE will act as a service provider for measuring and accounting and will create an accounting-specific evidence paper.

As the consortium manager of the European research project Web2Energy, the ENTEGA AG has implemented several minor storage units and stirage simulators that have been tested as components of a virtual power plant. In other research projects, ENTEGA has established a trading platform for storage services (SolVer) and has tested the integration of electromobility as an active component within the distribution network (Well2Wheel). The project InnoSmart investigated the development of users as central actors in smart grids. In addition, the ENTEGA AG was consortium partner of the research project Flex4Energy that addressed a flexibility manager for the power supply of the future. The ongoing project ESQUIRE researches for the first time the collective use of a city district energy storage unit from the point of view of society as well as technical aspects relevant for the network operators.