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Team Siemens an Hessen Mobil at an acceptance run in December 2018
Team Siemens an Hessen Mobil at an acceptance run in December 2018

It is not always possible to shift freight traffic from the road to the rail. Those cases have to be covered by truck transport that is reliable and as environmentally compatible as possible. Compared to combustion engines, the hybrid trucks on the eHighway run with twice as much efficiency. The innovation developed by Siemens Mobility supplies the trucks with electricity by means of an overhead power line. This does not only cut the consumption of energy in half, it also reduces the local air pollution. This makes the eHighway a more energy-efficient and low-emission solution for highly frequented truck routes.

eHighway development since 2010

Siemens has been working on the technology since 2010. As part of the research projects ENUBA 1 and 2 (Electromobility in heavy commercial vehicles to reduce the environmental impact on densely populated areas), Siemens and its partner Scania developed a concept for operating electrified heavy goods vehicles via overhead power lines and tested the technical viability. For that purpose, the team started operating an extended test track in Groß Dölln (north of Berlin) that had been adapted to the conditions of real processes. Both projects showed a general technical viability. Additional questions concerning road planning and maintenance could not be tested yet. Through other pilot projects in California and Sweden, Siemens has already demonstrated the eHighway system in the public space.

First public eHighway track in Germany

ELISA is the first eHighway on a public road in Germany. For the project phase ELISA I, the state of Hessen commissioned Siemens Mobility with constructing the overhead power line system for electrified heavy goods vehicles. Siemens Mobility took on planning and constructing the electric infrastructure on the assigned ten kilometer stretch of autobahn A5. In addition, part of the project was to provide the rectifier substations and connect them to the local power grid.

Execution and evaluation of the trial operation

The Siemens Mobility GmbH participates in project phase ELISA II as a partner. It evaluates and documents the findings within the research and evaluation program from the perspective of the overhead line infrastructure constructor. In a realistic trial operation, the team will examine how robust the pantograph system is and derive potential enhancements. As the inventor of the eHighway system, the Siemens Mobility GmbH acts as a general support for questions about energy supply, automotive engineering, and system integration.

About Siemens Mobility

Siemens Mobility is a separately managed company of Siemens AG. It has been a leading provider in the area of transport solutions for more than 160 years and constantly extends its portfolio through innovations. The core business includes railed vehicles, solutions for rail automation and electrification, turnkey solutions, intelligent road traffic technology, as well as the corresponding services. With its focus on digitalization, Siemens Mobility enables mobility operators worldwide to make their infrastructure intelligent, to ensure a sustainable enhancement in value over the entire lifecycle, to increase passengers' convenience as well as to guarantee availability.

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